Moving One Step Closer To Deciding Cook’s Future

Stemming from an October 21st fight in his home, Chris Cook will soon stand trial for charges of domestic assault and third-degree assault, both of which are felonies.

The charges stem from an incident in which Cook allegedly assaulted, and then tried to strangle, a 21 year old woman believed to be his girlfriend at the time.  Cook’s attorney is expected to use the self defense argument, and also try to play up the idea that the woman in question recanted the strangulation accusations late in 2011.

Right now, it is unknown whether or not the woman will testify in court.

One more step in the process should be completed on Monday, as it is expected that his jury will be selected in Hennepin County.

The last time Cook appeared in court he appeared very clean cut, having rid himself of the long dread locks, and attributed the new look to a “lifestyle change.”

It is believed that Cook’s future as a Viking, or as an NFL player in general, is tied directly to the outcome of this court case.