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Ray Edwards Sacked By The Falcons

In five seasons with the Vikings, defensive end Ray Edwards recorded 29.5 sacks, including 16.5 in his last two seasons with the club.  Following the 2010 season, the Vikings opted to use their franchise tag on linebacker Chad Greenway and let Ray Edwards walk in free agency.

The Falcons gave Edwards a five year deal worth up to $27.5 million with an $11 million guarantee, and a number of Vikings fans balked at the idea of turning over the reins to Brian Robison on a full time basis when Edwards ended up getting such a reasonable contract.

As it turns out, however, the Vikings knew what they were doing and Edwards’ contract no longer looks reasonable.

Over the last two seasons Edwards has played in 25 games and only netted 3.5 sacks for the Falcons with 42 tackles and three defended passes.  Conversely, Robison has 13 sacks and eight batted passes with 71 tackles over the course of 26 games.

Robison’s current contract is a three year deal worth $14.1 million and included a $6.5 million signing bonus.

If the numbers and salaries aren’t enough evidence that the Vikings front office deserves credit for choosing Robison over Edwards, then the breaking news from Monday night will seal the deal.

The 8-1 Atlanta Falcons have waived the 27 year old Edwards.

Edwards, who has been hampered by knee problems of late, may get claimed via the waivers process and will certainly get a shot somewhere else even if he isn’t claimed.  It will be interesting to see where he ends up and how successful he ends up being.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. That is AWESOME!!

    Ray, you smug bastard. You deserve this.

    It’s interesting that us “derp” fans were right, when we crowed to get rid of him and play Brian “grundle destroyer” Robison.

    The only positive note that could come from a Falcons SB victory would be Ray not getting a ring.

    Ray’s a poopoo-caca head.

  2. Adam, can we make a requirement of using English on this blog? No offense to those who speak a foreign language, but if you can speak English, please do so.

    derp, grundle, poopoo-caca… I expect these noises from my one-year-old grandson, but here…?

    1. Then you’re going to need a new word for “blitz,” as it is German. Short form of “blitzkrieg,” for all you history buffs.

      I guess you could substitute it with “more defensive players rushing the quarterback than the average amount of rushers dictates on any particular play,” but that doesn’t roll off the tongue very well.

      1. Very enlightening,, thanks. Must just be my personal issue that blitz seems more English-like than derp. BTW, I was considering using the word doofus in this response. Got any research for us on that word?

        1. …because it does roll off the tongue more nicely than “strange, nerdy blogger who has a penchant for turning the English language into a combination of rocket science and brain surgery.”

  3. lol
    you guys are funny

    ie; for freds and buds:
    Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy.

    1. No good, Ole. In the CFL they just call them “tackles”. They ask their DE’s to also defend the run, which Ray does in Smoot-like fashion.

  4. Poor Ray Ray, first it was his big mouth and now his poor performance gets him the ax. Maybe he’ll continue his pathetic boxing career and get his butt kicked there.