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Poll Of The Week: Which Vikings Free Agent(s) Should Be Re-signed?

You all should be very excited. Free agency is just around the corner and their are more than a handful of great players who would make wonderful additions to the Vikings. Yesterday, Gregg Rosenthal tweeted that he heard at the combine that our Vikings are already in the mix for some of the biggest free agent names. And about a week ago, Pelissero did a good amount of research and reported that the Vikings salary cap allows them to make a bigger splash in free agency than most people believe.

But while we will gain players in free agency, we will also lose some. And in this week’s poll, we want you guys to tell us who you think the Vikings should keep. Which of the Vikings free agents do you think should be re-signed?

Below, you will find a poll that lists all of the Vikings free agents. Select the ones you think should be re-signed then let us know your thoughts in the comments!

[Note: Greg Camarillo has been removed from the poll as the Vikings have informed him he will not be re-signed]
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Brett Anderson

Brett Anderson (Founder) is a passionate Viking fan hailing from Sin City, Las Vegas. He can remember, as a child, scraping his knee on the playground and his friends being completely shocked by the purple blood trickling from the wound. When Brett isn't scouring the Internet for some semblance of Vikings news, he enjoys blindly putting money on them to beat whoever their opponent may be, and daydreams about being their next Tight End. Brett graduated from UNLV with a degree in Architecture and specializes in web/graphic design; he hopes to provide this site’s visitors with the best Vikings experience on the net.

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      1. I don’t see how you feel its a good idea to move on from Erin Henderson.. He’s still young and played pretty solid for his first season as a starter. Plus he’d be cheap and we have really nobody waiting that could replace him.

        Also Guion, Onatolu, and Abdullah should be looked at for the vet minimum

        1. Brendan, these guys are all extremely average at best but I will concede Erin might be the exemption, just not sure on him. The rest will have a real hard time making a roster anywhere. It’s time to overhaul the whole roster and I dont see Rick bringing any of these guys back, I know I wouldnt.

          1. I disagree that Henderson is average. He was highly regarded coming out of Maryland and went undrafted due to injury concerns. I think in his first season he showed glimpses of why he was regarded in that sense.

            Guion, Abdullah, and Onotolu may be average at best, but finding upgrades for the price it’ll cost is near impossible. You need players like that to fill put a roster so I think that’s why they should be brought back.

            As far as Rosenfels Adam, I’d bring him back if we were planning on carrying 3 QBs. Even though Ponder is a tad injury prone (hopefully Kalil can help that), I can’t see the benefit of carrying 3 QBs. Carrying 2 will open up a bit of cap space (albeit small), and if it gets to the point where we were down to our 3rd string QB, I’m guessing the season is basically a lost cause and it won’t be much of a difference if we pick up a street FA or play Rosenfels.

        2. I have to agree with Brendan here. In my book Henderson and Guion are no-brainers if the price isn’t jacked up for some odd reason. Onatolu is a no brainer because he is restricted.

          Abdullah’s concussions (and talent ceiling) make me a little more hesitant to give a definite yes, but safety is such a need and there won’t be many, if any, sure things in this free agency or Draft class. At least he should come pretty cheap.

          I will also add Rosenfels to Brendan’s list. The Vikes need a good, cheap veteran to tutor Wonder and Pebb… Rosenfels is just as good as anyone else that’ll be out there and available… and probably just as cheap. He seemed to embrace the role of sitting behind the two youngsters far more than he ever embraced the role of sitting behind Lord Favre.

    1. I think that’s a pretty good guess, JayTee. I’d also say Rosenfels and Onatolu are likely to be retained.

      Thanks for the comment!

  1. throwing the baby brother out with the bath water might be a mistake. erin was the only one that stood out to me on the list