Branch And Jackson Slapped With The Tag

Yesterday, I scribbled a list of my “Top 25” free agency targets for the Vikings.

DeSean Jackson didn’t make the list, but that was only because we all knew he would get hit with the franchise tag.  Today, he got hit with the franchise tag.

Rumors suggest the Eagles intend to trade Jackson, but I highly doubt the Vikings would be a willing trade partner.  With a somewhat saturated market at the receiver position, it doesn’t make much sense to give up a high pick to obtain a player that wants to get paid like a superstar.  Besides, he’s a headache.

One player who did make my list, Raiders safety Tyvon Branch, is no longer on the market.  It has been reported that Branch will be tagged by the Raiders.  In an already depleted safety market, one more option is off the table for the Vikings.