Time To Help Each Other Out

I try to keep things football-related around here as much as possible but it just wouldn’t be right to move on with my weekend, writing about yardage records and playoff races, without using my little corner of the internet in an effort to counter the horrific evil that invaded Newtown, Connecticut this morning.

I know my VT gang pretty well I think and I know the news hit you all just as hard as it did in the Warwas household today.

Mrs. Warwas and myself would like to invite anyone reading this to help those poor families, whose Christmas gifts for their children are almost certainly already wrapped and under the tree, in whatever small way might be possible.  It shouldn’t ever have to be the byproduct of tragedies like this that remind us to take care of each other, our neighbors and fellow humans, but today was a reminder none-the-less.

If you would like to help please consider donating to any of these organizations by clicking the links:

The families of both the victims and the survivors are going to need all the good in the world to counter what evils have taken from them, so thank you for considering these options.