Time To Help Each Other Out

I try to keep things football-related around here as much as possible but it just wouldn’t be right to move on with my weekend, writing about yardage records and playoff races, without using my little corner of the internet in an effort to counter the horrific evil that invaded Newtown, Connecticut this morning.

I know my VT gang pretty well I think and I know the news hit you all just as hard as it did in the Warwas household today.

Mrs. Warwas and myself would like to invite anyone reading this to help those poor families, whose Christmas gifts for their children are almost certainly already wrapped and under the tree, in whatever small way might be possible.  It shouldn’t ever have to be the byproduct of tragedies like this that remind us to take care of each other, our neighbors and fellow humans, but today was a reminder none-the-less.

If you would like to help please consider donating to any of these organizations by clicking the links:

The families of both the victims and the survivors are going to need all the good in the world to counter what evils have taken from them, so thank you for considering these options.

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. Sad events today, I feel for all the families and people involved with this tragedy. Death is too good for some people, that guy should be tortured.

  2. A donation has been made in honor of Brevin, Rowan, Gates, Claire, Harbor and Elena, may the sweet souls and their families find some comfort in knowing others care.

  3. This hits very close to home for me. Horrible, just horrible. Innocent little children… I have a grandchild at this very age. So much pain in that community tonight.

  4. Thanks Adam.

    You clearly need not be a parent to know the crushing despair that this brings to so many people’s lives. But, as a parent, I just don’t know how to deal with this. I just don’t. I’m so grateful that my kidlets are with me, are part of my life tonight. I love them dearly. I know they love me dearly, whether they say it or not. I can express that, and they are there to hear it. I don’t care if they are little smart asses at times. I don’t care if they seem ungrateful, petulant and spoiled when I wish they weren’t. They are my spoiled, ungrateful petulant children. That is a part of growing up in this world. Part of a parent’s job is to usher them into becoming an adult, and growing out of those fleeting moments. I cannot imagine a more fulfilling job in life. The job can be exhausting, but the rewards so beyond rewarding.

    There have been horrifying moments in history of late, and they leave an impact on you as a human being. Just this week out here in Oregon a madman shot up a mall, leaving two dead, then himself. These awful moments hit you hard. They are so inexplicable…why would someone do that? No matter how much I try to make sense of it, I never can.

    But, Kindergarten kids massacred is…I don’t know what to say. I’m a guy who loves everything about words, and I feel at such a loss to use them right now. Five year olds are like the essence of our purpose for being here. They are at such a tender age. They are vulnerable, trusting, and dependent on us to usher them into this world while protecting them from the dangers it may hold. They trust us to do that with the wide eyed enthusiasm only a 5 year old can have. How someone could coldly snuff that out…

    I’m sorry for rambling. This just hit me really hard. I just cannot imagine having to be one of the parents, grandparents, sister, brothers that have had so much taken from them that can never be replaced.

    1. On second read, that sounded sort of bad. My kids are absolutely model kids 99% of the time. I was just pointing out that kids can be buggers sometimes and that’s OK.

  5. I can’t even comprehend how someone could be so capable of such evil. Absolutely devastating.

    Love your family and friends. Never pass up an opportunity to let someone know you love them. Hug your kids, your family, your friends, your dogs. You never know if it could be the last time, sadly.

    For what it’s worth, my wife and I also donated some money, Adam. I know it could never come close to repairing the damage that’s been done to those families today but hopefully he can help somewhere. Thanks for providing the links.

  6. as a proud father of two little girls pretty much of the same age of the little kids visicously murdered…this really hits me hard…this was a horrible thing and i feel so bad for those parents and i dont know how they can cope with their loses…my kids mean everything to me and i cant imagine their pain at this moment…honestly id probably be an all out alcoholic or suicide victim…it would be too much for most parents to deal with…my heart goes out to these people…may they find god’s peace…

  7. very, very, very sad. mental illness needs more attention. i don’t like the gov’t telling me i can’t do or have something, but we really need to get this solved. btw, might want to change that to newtown, adam

  8. Wow, just unbelievable. There are no words to describe this. As Brett said…you never know. It could have been anyone of us. Life and loved ones are so precious…