Vikings Lost Ground At Midway Point

As if Thursday night’s loss to the Bucs wasn’t painful enough, every other team in the NFC North snuck out wins on Sunday which puts the Vikings in a much less enviable situation than they looked on Wednesday.

The 5-3 Vikings are tied with the Packers for second place.  The Bears are atop the division with a record of 6-1 and the league’s most solid looking defense.  Meanwhile, the Lions are struggling at 3-4, but are talented enough to not count out of the race quite yet.

Minnesota has a chance to see their playoff hopes live or die at the hands of their divisional foes, however, and things will be quite interesting in the second half of this season.  Here is their remaining schedule:

At Seattle


Bye Week

At Chicago

At Green Bay


At St. Louis

At Houston

Green Bay

How does that look for drama?  I think it’ll be a fun ride, and I really hope that the weather helps us out a bit when it comes to stopping the passing attacks of Chicago and Green Bay after the bye.