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Vikings Announce Felton Signing

The battle for backup running back and starting fullback may not be the most exciting one when training camp rolls around, but the Vikings are making sure there will be plenty of competition.

A couple of days after signing Lex Hilliard to a one year contract, the Vikings have now announced the addition of fullback Jerome Felton. 

A 2008 fifth round selection by the Lions, Felton figures to compete for a roster spot at age 25.  He had spent three seasons with the Lions, playing in 42 games before being waived in 2011.  He was claimed by the Panthers and then later in the season joined the Colts.

Felton joins a running back squad that consists of the following:  Adrian Peterson, Toby Gerhart, Lex Hilliard, Matt Asiata, and Ryan D’Imperio.  It might be safe to assume that no bruising backs are targeted on Draft weekend, and that we should instead keep our eye on any quick, speedy scat backs in the later rounds.

Terms of Felton’s deal are not yet known.

The Vikings also officially announced the re-signing of Letroy Guion on Tuesday, a move that we knew was coming for a week.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. OMG wtf? Guess they are trying for the #1 pick in next years draft. I spose Ricky’s gonna give us that “be patient we have a plan” bullshit again.

  2. wtf why sign another fb? how many do we need? Spielman is getting dumber by the day if thats possible…why not make signings that actually help the team and fills holes? this is pathetic

  3. Congrats Ricky! You have cornered the market on FBs.! Whats next, 2 long snapper signings!?

  4. I get it now!!!! The light has finally come on as to what Ricky Bobby is trying to do. It’s so obvious! He’s signing these fullbacks instead of improving the O-line so they can run the wishbone!!!! Pure Genius!!! Time to start thinking about building a bronze statue in downtown Minneapolis!

      1. I guess Rickybone will be bringing in Tebow to run it then. Thanks Norse it all makes sense now, whew! Tricky Ricky is the super genious we thought he was after all.

  5. We get another average FB while teams like the Eagles trade a 4th round pick for a pro bowl LB in DeMecco Ryans…

  6. RIGHT ON! The ‘wish’bone.
    I’ll call this The Appendix of Authority. BTW, the appendix is a body part that was, for unknown reasons, included when the body was designed but no longer serves any purpose. Kinda like a FB.