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Letroy Guion’s Contract Details

Letroy Guion is a defensive tackle that has flashed plenty of ability but failed to separate himself from the competition despite a golden opportunity in 2011.

The Vikings, however, are apparently sold on his potential and extended him a decent contract on Tuesday that could make him a low-end starter alongside Kevin Williams.

Guion’s contract is worth $9 million over three years.  He received a signing bonus in the amount of $3.565 million.

The money included in this deal suggests that Rick Spielman and Leslie Frazier have high hopes for Guion’s future with the team.  I have to admit, I like this signing, although I was hoping we would be talking about help being brought in from outside the organization by now.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. What’s up with the Vikings and these 3 year $9 million deals? Is that what they have decided is the going rate for average players? Same terms for Remi and Longwell last year. I’m glad to see him back but once again feel the team overpaid slightly.

  2. C’mon Vikes…sneak in the 9 year $3mil contract at the last second as see if the big derp unwittingly signs it.

  3. I like the signing, but it was way to much, nobody would offer anything near that amount for him on the free market

  4. cutler reunited with marshall, gotta get some DBs! damn, we need safeties and CBs, nfc north loaded with QBs and WRs. the FA WRs aren’t impressive for what’s left after VJ, so please spend some dough on DBs, vikes!