Vikings Swing And Miss With Young Packers Receiver

In the post below this one, I mentioned that the Vikings are going to have trouble filling their practice squad with quality players that they covet, because even practice squad players stand to benefit financially from being on a playoff team.

As it turns out, I have some proof of this theory, as Packers wide receiver Tori Gurley declined the opportunity to leave Green Bay’s practice squad for a spot on the Vikings active roster.

“If you look statistically, (the Vikings) season is going to be over in three weeks,” said Gurley. “We’re already locked to have a playoff spot.” 

With each playoff game comes extra paychecks of a substantial amount for all players.  Gurley also said the Packers offered him a raise to stay with the team.

Back in my Vikings Gab days I was pretty upset when the Vikings didn’t use a late round pick on the South Carolina receiver.  I was even more upset when the Packers were able to pick him up after he went undrafted.

Gurley is 6’ 4” and 216 pounds and ran a 4.59 at the NFL Scouting Combine.