Tarkenton on Ponder: “You Got A Winner There”

While a majority of fans seem to believe that rookie Christian Ponder is the Vikings quarterback of the future, there is still a small group who are not quite sold on him yet. 

Well, legendary Vikings quarterback Fran Tarkenton isn’t one of them. Tarkenton is a believer

In a video interview with Pioneer Press columnist Bob Sansevere, Tarkenton essentially went ‘all in’ with his opinion of the young quarterback stating he would take Ponder over any of this year’s rookie QBs. Tarkenton says, “If I had my choice between any of the rookie quarterback this year, including Cam Newton, from what I’ve seen, I’d take Christian Ponder. You got a winner there.

Tarkenton believes with some hard work, lots of studying (which he feels is the most important key to his success) and a better supporting cast, Ponder “has a chance to be really great.” 

He then went on to say, “…I think he will be the Vikings quarterback for the next 15 years.”

That’s a pretty big statement and one I desperately hope is true. Ponder hasn’t been perfect in his first year as the Vikings quarterback but he has shown moments of brilliance and true potential. “He can move in the pocket – outside the pocket. And he’s got a brain. And he thinks well. And he throws well,” Tarkenton adds. 

That, coming from one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, has got to make Ponder feel good.

Check out the video below to hear Tarkenton lavish more praise on Christian Ponder.