Some Encouragement Via

Mike Wobschall runs the Vikings official blog and, while he is a great guy and has worked with me in the past, tends to be one of the Vikings biggest cheerleaders on a regular basis.  I can’t blame him really, after all, it is the Vikings that ultimately sign his paycheck.

Sometimes, however, there are times when it is just plain refreshing to read some good news even when it might feel a little forced.  In a season when everything seems to be going wrong, it felt like a good time to pass along some encouraging facts pointed out by Wobschall in a recent post.

Wobschall says his inbox was flooded with questions about Christian Ponder’s recent struggles, so he decided to point out some facts about other quarterback performances in their rookie seasons with hopes of making us feel better.

Here they are:

  • Peyton Manning had three-interception games three times in his first four starts, and he had 11 interceptions over his first four games. After his first season, Manning had more interceptions (28) than touchdowns (26). I bet Colts fans are glad the team didn’t give up on him.
  • Eli Manning had more interceptions (nine) than touchdowns (six) in games that he started as a rookie and then he had four multiple-interception games, including a four-interception game, during his first full year as the starter for the Giants.
  • Aaron Rodgers had two three-interception games in his first year as the Packers starting quarterback.
  • Matt Ryan had four multiple-interception games in his rookie season.

So, there you have it, consider yourself officially encouraged.