QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Stats Mean Nothing

As I mentioned in the previous post, Percy Harvin had a big day against the Broncos, posting a career high of 156 receiving yards on eight catches.  He also rushed for 19 yards on five carries. 

His two scores, one 48 yards and the other 52 yards, were incredible plays that will have a permanent place in the official “Percy Harvin Highlight Reel” forever.

Unfortunately, his all star performance wasn’t quite enough to overcome Christian Ponder’s three turnovers, and the Vikings ended up losing by three points.

There are plenty of receivers in the NFL that would be satisfied with such a big day despite the loss, but Harvin is not one of those guys.

“We are still losing football games,” Harvin said following the loss to his former college teammate, Tim Tebow. “I’m not a big stats guy. Never have been, never will be.”

“There’s been too many times this year we’ve had leads and then had let-downs or missed assignments,” Harvin continued. “It’s another game we feel we had control of and to somehow let it slip away, that’s disgusting.”

Disgusting is not a way in which anyone will ever describe Harvin’s production throughout his first three years in the NFL, but it is a perfect description of the way his team has played this year.  It is refreshing to see a receiver, however, that competes on every down and is willing to play any position and sacrifice his body in an effort to win each and every game.

Harvin is a guy that the Vikings are lucky to have.

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Adam Warwas

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