LINKS OF THE WEEK: Changes Are Comin’

Here is a look at the best of the best from our friends around the league:

  • Adrian Peterson is getting some strange offers from fantasy players wanting him to suit up this week.
  • It will be a sad day when this lifelong Viking decides to call it quits.
  • In case you didn’t know already, Matt Kalil is a name any Vikings fan will get to know over this coming offseason.
  • It now seems to be a consensus that Joe Webb should have a larger role with the Vikings.
  • Another parody music video to get you in the mood for Sunday’s matchup against the Saints.
  • No doubt, the Vikings are behind the curve, but just how far behind are they exactly?
  • After being benched, Christian Ponder’s “pouting face” was worth noting.
  • For much of this season, Vikings fans have dreaded the thought of their team playing the second half of the game… and now, you know why.
  • Chris Cook is the only player ruled out (as of Thursday) for Sunday’s game against the Saints.
  • Cullen Loeffler, the injured Vikings long snapper, received a unique award this week.
  • The idea is being floated, at least by the media, that Mike Singletary will be the new defensive coordinator and bring a 3-4 defense with him.
  • An in-depth look at how the Vikings can “win” the second draft pick this offseason.
  • The owners voted on a renewed NFL stadium fund that could help the Vikings pay for their portion of a Minnesota stadium.
  • The Wilfs are backing Leslie Frazier and his desire to rebuild this team.
  • The Vikings still haven’t completely paid the University of Minnesota for the use of their stadium when the Metrodome roof caved in over one year ago.
  • First-year Viking Remi Ayodele has no regrets about leaving the Championship caliber Saints in favor of the Vikings.
  • Leslie Frazier has reportedly been given assurances he will remain the head coach next year.
  • Christian Ponder’s progress has slowed of late, but the hope is that he’ll be able to get things turned around before the season ends.
  • And now, here it is, your moment of Zen: