A Stroke Of Luck?

Well, this is getting interesting.

It has long been assumed that the Indianapolis Colts would be getting the first pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.  A Thursday night win against the Houston Texans, however, has given the Colts their second win of the year with only one more game left to play.

The Vikings and the Rams each also have two wins, but they each have two more opportunities to win (or lose (or tie)).

So, for those of you who consider a bad team to be a bad team regardless of their record, the silver lining could end up being in the position to select or trade away one of the highest rated college quarterback prospects in history.

For those fans wanting to see the Vikings end up drafting first overall, you should be cheering for three things:

  1.  The Colts to beat the Jaguars next week.
  2. The Vikings to lose to the Redskins this week and the Bears next week.
  3. The Rams to win one of their final two games.

At a time when Vikings football appears to have hit an all time low, the stakes in this “race” are surprisingly high.