QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Kahlil Bell Doesn’t Like Us

Kahlil Bell appears to be climbing the depth chart in Chicago, especially after he posted 121 yards in his second career start last week against Green Bay. However, this week against the Vikings, he claims to be a little extra motivated to post some big stats.

After going undrafted in 2009, the UCLA running back was picked up by the Vikings but was unable to make the cut and was left watching Favre-a-rama from a distance. Bell apparently took that a little personally.

“I don’t really like Minnesota,” Bell recently stated. [pullquote_right]I don’t really like Minnesota[/pullquote_right]

“I was there for a short stint, so it’s not going to take much for me to be motivated, he continued. “Nobody likes to say they feel good about the team that let them go, but they obviously felt I wasn’t adequate enough to be a part of their organization, which is in my mind a blessing because I love it here in Chicago and I love being with the Bears.”

Bell might be motivated to prove the Vikings made a mistake, but the Vikings are motivated by not wanting to go down as the worst team in the organization’s 51 year history.

So there.