Thursday, November 26, 2015

super bowl

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Andy’s off this week taking care of a baby that is apparently his. But we have a week full of classic Purple FTW! episodes for your rube ears!

Note: This is a throwback episode from August 5, 2014. Thoughts are still applicable though!

The Minnesota Vikings have a fresh start with new head coach Mike Zimmer and future franchise QB Teddy Bridgewater.

I believe the Vikings have a 4-year window to win a Super Bowl.

Listen in and find out why.

An Andy Carlson Joint.

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In the inaugural edition of the Purple FTW! Mailbag, I answer some of your questions tossed in through Twitter, Facebook, and the Purple FTW! Voicemail.

Talkers include:
• Did the Vikings do a good job filling needs in the offseason?
• Trades that could still be made in 2015
• Would I do ____ for a Vikings Super Bowl?
• The affects of Fusco moving to left guard
• Why I got into podcasting
• Why I refuse to watch “The Avengers”

A fun little bite sized morsel to get your through the midweek hunger pains on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

An Andy Carlson Joint.

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The Super Bowl football game around Katy Perry (and Left Shark) is over, signaling the end to yet another fantastic season (on the field) of American tackle football. But luckily, this signals the giving way to my favorite season of all: HOT TAKE Season.

In honor of Episode 99 of the Purple FTW! Podcast, I threw together a list of 9.9 Hot Takes. Now these are definitely not #StoneColdHotTakes level of outlandishness (although my ‘Harbaugh to Ann Arbor’ call from September landed pretty well), but they definitely have some kick.

Costco Free Sample: “2) We’ve got OUR Brady & Belichick”…

Boom. Roasted.

Get the rest & the full episode after the jump.

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Who wins Super Bowl XLIX in Glendale on Sunday?

I hear arguments from fan writers on both sides, carefully weigh the merits of their cases, and then act as judge, jury & executioner in the inaugural edition of PURPLE FTW! JUSTICE.

Representing Seattle is Dayna O’Gorman (@DaynaOG), host of the NFL Female podcast and rabid Seahawks fan. She was a member of the “12s” back when they were terrible, so you know that she’s legit.

General counsel for New England Patriots is Tom Murphy (@TMurph207), operator of and all-around Boston sports aficionado. He survived Tony Eason. That is all.

The judge cloak is on, the wig is straight, and the gavel is ready so let’s do this damn thing!

Full episode after the jump.

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Seldom do I touch on subjects regarding teams other than the Vikings, after all this site is about the Vikings, but when I do I tend to make it quick.

So, in making my Super Bowl prediction I will indeed be quick:

Madonna will be terrible.

Wait, that wasn’t what you all wanted to hear.  Here is my prediction regarding the actual football game:

Much like a few years back Tom Brady’s focus will be, at times, shaken by the Giants pass rush.  This time around, however, Brady will be more prepared to deal with the rush and New York’s secondary will be less prepared to deal with Brady’s unique weapons.  Gronkowski is fun to watch, but his injury has to make Hernandez the true threat on Sunday.

Eli Manning will have to play this one safe, as the Patriots defense only posts scary numbers in the turnover department.  If Brady starts to put up points and the Patriots get some separation, Manning and company may have to abandon, at least partially, their commitment to the run and Eli will have to quit playing safe.

In the end, I think that is what happens and this prediction of the score represents a game that won’t be nearly as close as it looks:  Patriots win by a score of 31-23.

So, for whatever tiny amount that prediction might be worth, I would like to hear yours.  Let me know in the comments section.

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