Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Stephen Hill

Up until today, our Vikings Territory mock drafts have been limited to the first round.

Considering the Vikings are set to select near the top of each round, it only made sense to make things more interesting an include a second round.  You can view my mock draft by clicking here, using the tabs to move between the rounds.

As expected, the Vikings had a number of interesting options available to them with the 35th pick.  These options included DT Devon Still, WR Stephen Hill, CB Alfonzo Dennard, and MLB Dont’a Hightower.

I felt that Still was the best player available at this point but still went against my better judgment and pulled the trigger on wide receiver Alshon Jeffery instead.

Jeffery, once regarded as a top ten prospect, has endured criticism from talking heads for a weight and conditioning issue that seemed completely unfounded when he showed up to the Combine and his Pro Day in great shape.

The Vikings have a huge need at receiver, particularly one that can be the top downfield target for years to come, and I think Jeffery has the potential to fill that role.

We’ll start this thing off with something that happened yesterday that we really didn’t touch on here at VT… Tedd Ginn Jr. is staying with the 49ers.

Our ever-loquacious punter believes Jonathan Vilma should be banned from the NFL for life.

Rick Spielman seems to be trying to throw everyone off and put up smoke screens regarding our #3 pick. They are smoke screens, right? Right…?!

“In Attempt Not to ‘Spend to Spend,’ Vikings Seemingly Already Spending to Spend,” states this Vikings writer.

In the never-ending-stadium-story, it looks like the Vikings may be getting a sign-off by the Minneapolis City Council.

Over at KAB, our friends get a little crazy and question where the franchise would be had it used Rosenfels instead of Favre in 2010 (amongst many other things).

Do the referees deserve some of the blame for the bounties placed on Favre and how it affected the 2009 NFC Championship game?

Jared Allen thinks the Saints got what they deserved.

Chris Kluwe stands up for “snitches” and goes on (expletive-filled) Twitter rant.

Now, I don’t have any videos to show for the “moment of zen” that Adam typically does here… I do have a story though. (One I told Adam yesterday after he brought up his concern that WR prospect Stephen Hill reminded him of another ex-Viking who bolted up in the draft due to great workouts. He insisted that I try to fit this little story in somewhere and I guess right here is as good as anywhere.)

A few years ago, my family and I went to a buffet (they’re in every casino here in Vegas) around the corner for breakfast on a Sunday morning. Of course, I was in my big, purple, #28 jersey; I wore it proudly (the Vikes were hot stuff at the time). We all sat down and waited for our waiter to greet us and take our drink orders so we could be unleashed and pounce upon the endless spread of food. Our waiter came and this is the short exchange that followed:

“Good morning, I’m [Derek] and I’ll be your waiter this morning. Oh! You a Vikings fan?”


“Cool! My little nephew actually used to play for the Vikings a while back.”

“Really?! Who was he?”

“Troy Williamson!”



“Oh, cool…”


“Iced tea, please.”

“Moment of zen?” I think not… And yes, Adam compared Stephen Hill to Troy Williamson. Hold your tongue, Adam!

Georgia Tech receiver Stephen Hill went from a mid-round prospect, to a near lock to be selected in the first round of April’s Draft after a fantastic showing at the NFL’s Scouting Combine.

He was so fast, and so fluid in his drills, that my partner in crime wondered if the Vikings wouldn’t target him specifically in April.

The problem, however, is that Hill is no longer considered a well kept secret as evidenced by the crowd drawn to his Pro Day.

It should be noted that Vikings receiver coach George Stewart not only attended Hill’s Pro Day, but pulled the receiver aside to offer encouragement.

If he is around when the Vikings make their second round selection, which I am starting to think isn’t going to happen, then don’t be surprised if Brett turns out to be correct and Hill ends up owning a nice, new purple jersey.

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Stephen Hill - WR, Georgia Tech

Today, the 2012 NFL Combine featured Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin. Yeah, there were some other guys there, too. You know, those other quarterbacks, wide receivers and running backs (whatever those guys do in this “passing league”). Primarily, though, it was just a love fest for Luck and Griffin – this year’s two top quarterback prospects. Griffin wowed everyone with his great 40 time and athleticism. Luck wowed everyone with his great 40 time and athleticism. There was another guy though that managed to break into the spotlight meant solely Luck and Griffin. Someone who could very likely still be on the board when the Vikings have their second pick in the second round – Stephen Hill, a wide receiver out of Georgia Tech.

Stephen Hill, at 6’4”, 215 lbs., ran a blazing [official] 4.36 in the 40 yard dash today at the combine, very likely making him one of the most legitimate deep threat wide outs in this draft class. Hill averaged 29.3 yards per reception this year (more than any other receiver in college football) for a total of 820 yards. He has long arms, a huge catch radius and consistently blows by coverages on deep routes. Hill is also an above average blocker who comes from an offense that requires that skill set.

Sound like something the Vikings may need? I think so. Continue reading as we look a little closer at Hill.

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