Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Nick Taylor

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The Minnesota Vikings released defensive back Nick Taylor on Tuesday, according to reports.

Taylor made headlines, and provided an opportunity for sophomoric headlines (look up), when the Vikings signed the Florida International point guard to play cornerback as an undrafted free agent.  Given the recent acquisitions of cornerbacks Xavier Rhodes and Jacob Lacey it is not overly surprising that the Vikings wanted to part ways with their inexperienced long shot.

Taylor caught the front office’s eye when he ran sub-4.4 forty yard dashes at FIU’s pro day, and presumably made an impression on tape from his brief stint in arena football, but he never played a down for the Vikings.  He spent 2012 on injured reserve after suffering a shoulder injury.

Free agency took off like a rocket. We were all anxious for what the Vikings would do. After all, they had a good chunk of cap room available. There were also rumors floating around from the combine that the team was going to be very active. And, let’s face it; there weren’t any shortage of holes to fill.

But nothing happened on that first day. The Vikings were quiet… Eerily quiet. Fans were not. Almost immediately, people were calling for Spielman’s head. How could he not acquire Vincent Jackson. How could he not get Pierre Garcon? How could we just sit on so much money when there so many voids to fill in this team to make it a contender again?

Finally, the Vikings started making some moves. Now, that’s not to say fans pulled back and gave Spielman some breathing room. The acquisitions were questionable… Questionable players signed to deals for amounts that were somewhat puzzling to most fans. We were signing people who were injured (and hadn’t played in a year), fullbacks, and… point guards.

While the offseason is far from over, two weeks in, we now have a fair amount of information to look at and develop more comprehensive opinions on how the team has done. What I wanted to do here is recap what the Vikings have done so far this offseason while giving my personal opinion of each move and an overall grade. If you’re ready (it’s long!), continue reading by clicking the button below.

In a move that will surely raise the hackles of the hackles of the hackles that have already been raised on Vikings fans this offseason, the Vikings have made a move that some will deem a waste of time.

The team has reportedly signed former point guard at Florida International University Nick Taylor.

The former basketball player work out at FIU’s pro day and apparently caught the Vikings attention by posting a forty yard dash in the neighborhood of 4.34 and 4.27.  He attended the pro day after spending time with a low-level arena league last year.

The Vikings then brought Taylor in for a closer look on Friday and decided to sign him to a three year contract.  Taylor said the team will give him a look as a return man, a receiver and a cornerback.  He played defensive back for his arena team.

Taylor has a major uphill battle ahead of him if he plans on sticking to the roster beyond training camp.