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free agency

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Veteran writer Brian Hall (@MNBrianHall) recently joined the Vikings Terriory team, so now is the perfect time to get him on the podcast. Brian stops in to talk about his backstory and the #HireBrian movement as well as the recent happenings with the Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings.

How will the Loadholt injury affect things on the offensive line, how Christian Ponder will be greeted upon his return to Minnesota Saturday, will Adrian buck the trend of 30-year running backs hitting the wall, why Vikings fans should pump the brakes on Trae Waynes, and “How’s Teddy Look?”.

All that and other “I’m as crazy as Everson” fun on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

An Andy Carlson Joint.

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According to Josina Anderson at ESPN, Taylor Mays has agreed to a one-year deal with the Vikings. The team has not announced the deal yet, but Matt Vensel at the Star Tribune confirms the agreement.

Taylor Mays never made our list of the top 55 free agents for the Vikings to pursue, but is a natural fit for the Vikings given his previous history with Mike Zimmer and his defense. If nothing else, Mays could be a standout special-teamer and has the kind of body and athleticism Zimmer and general manager Rick Spielman love to have on the ST unit, to go along with athletic undersized linebackers like Larry Dean and Brandon Watts.

Mays is best known for his outstanding measureables and can translate his speed and strength onto the field, but has never been a very good player for the Cincinnati Bengals, his previous team.

Though demoted more than once at the safety position on a team that often struggled with addressing the need, Mays is still young (he will be 27 throughout the season) and could grow into a much better player so long as he learns how to use his tools.

His on-field play improved significantly in a different role as a subpackage nickel linebacker, which may be how the Vikings are planning on using him, alongside other linebacker/safety types like Brian Peters, Dom DeCicco and possibly Justin Anderson, Antone Exum or Brandon Watts.

A one-year deal provides a low risk for the Vikings as they continue to figure out what to do at the other safety spot. Even if he can’t be a starter, he provides reasonable depth if he makes the roster and has tantalizing upside. Don’t expect him to definitively solve any problems (players on one-year deals are never considered long-term fixes), but something may click for him, either at a new position or because he’s figured out how to play safety.

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"With those skinny knees, Teddy's probably susceptible to bilateral weakness too."

Your bracket is toast, time to get back to Vikings football! Tom Schreier (@tschreier3) of Cold Omaha and 105 The Ticket joins the show to talk about the latest Minnesota Vikings news, what big things are going down at the Twin Cities newest sports radio station on the rise, as well as Tom’s path in the world of sports journalism at the co-founding of CO.

The Vikings continue to show that they’re truly a year round spectacle as there’s always news/drama brewing as we saw last week with Mike Wallace & the Pounceys, the latest stare-down between Spielman and Adrian’s camp, as well as Adrian birthday camel. Because why not. If AP doesn’t want to be a Viking, at least he can be Aladdin.

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Math is hard. That’s why we brought Brad Davis (@DeltaBCDad) on the show to breakdown his three-part statistical analysis at Vikings Territory on the likelihood of Adrian Peterson’s decline as a running back. 30-years old has been the standard age cliff for NFL running backs, but does the data suggest that Adrian will follow the trend or buck it? (No matter which team he’s on)

We get into the numbers with Brad as well as talk recent offseason moves as the Minnesota Vikings, not just the NFL, have become a year round sport. #VikingsTwitter may be upset with the lack of free agent action and Jennings being cut, but the Vikings are building for beyond 2015 — not loading up for a one year Super Bowl or bust push (ala 2009).

Teddy’s the face of the franchise and hopefully will have a decade+ of success here in Minnesota. It makes sense to build a young team with him rather than fill the cap with bloated veteran contracts in an attempt to “win” free agency. Ask the Buccaneers how that worked out last year…

All that and more on this episode of the Purple FTW! Podcast! Full episode after the jump.

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Austin Belisle (@austincbelisle) – the newest edition to Vikings Territory – joins the podcast to talk about the Minnesota Vikings and their journey through free agency, the Adrian Peterson (continued) drama, & the NFL Draft as we sail towards another season of the Purple.

The Vikings have been on the sidelines during free agency, while everyone and their mother spends like drunk sailors (*cough* Eagles *cough*), but as always we trust in Rick Speilman. It’s better to win in the fall & winter than win in March. In the meantime, let that cash & cap room pile up. Make Huell and Kuby want to lay on it in the storage unit.

Is Greg Jennings a #1 receiver? Can Jerick McKinnon be a featured back if Adrian is moved? Will the Teddy and NORVVVVVV marriage continue to be a productive one? All that and more “guaranteed money would ease concerns I still have” on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

Full episode after the jump.

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