Saturday, December 16, 2017

Question Of The Week

Sam Bradford's first interception

I'm routinely dumbfounded by the current success of Sam Bradford. Here's a quarterback who arrived in Minnesota weeks before the start of the regular...
These Vikings Aren't a Fluke

The life of a Minnesota Vikings fan is one of pessimism and heartbreak. We've seen this franchise reach the highest of highs, only to...
quarter-season MVP

Sam Bradford isn't just the Minnesota Vikings' quarter-season MVP, he's the MVP of the entire National Football League. That is, of course, just one...
how surprised are you by Minnesota’s 3-0 start

The Minnesota Vikings weren't supposed to start the season undefeated. The losses of Teddy Bridgewater, Adrian Peterson, Matt Kalil, and Sharrif Floyd spelled doom...
A Prescription for the Vikings Offensive Line

The luster of an undefeated record masks the blemishes below the surface. For the Minnesota Vikings, that blemish is the offensive line. Through two...

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