Besides writing for a living, one of my goals has always been to host a podcast. I have always wanted the podcast to be centered around football and mainly the Minnesota Vikings.

So a few weeks ago I finally bit the procrastination bullet and recorded episode number one of The Donut Club!

This is a weekly show that centers around the happenings of the Vikings. But before you can say Babatunde Aiyegbusi, it should be known that this is no ordinary podcast.

I will never be afraid to criticize the team in purple and gold no matter how much I adore Mike Zimmer.

Besides the first episode, each week I have had the privilege to talk with some of the brightest minds from the community of those who share a passion for the Minnesota Vikings.

Every episode will not be featured on this site (sometimes I swear and we do not want any kids to start sounding like the next President of the United States) but we will try and have some of the more intriguing episodes posted as more are are recorded.

So that brings us to this week where I had the opportunity to interview Matthew Coller of Minnesota’s own 1500 ESPN radio. Coller covers the Vikings on a daily basis and shared a few pieces of info that the average fan may not have known about their favorite team in purple.

The episode is able to be listened to from the media player below or it can be downloaded from the podcast’s iTunes page.