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Greg Hardy isn’t the only NFL player that attempted to use the media to promote himself worthy of a roster spot this week. Former Vikings (and Packers and Dolphins) wide out Greg Jennings took to the airwaves yesterday to make it known that he would like to return to the team that released him a year ago to make room for Mike Wallace.

“I left Rick [Spielman] a voicemail,” Jennings said on KFAN. “I told [them], I’m waiting on you guys.”

“I miss being [in Minnesota],” he continued. “You appreciate something more when it’s taken away from you.”

The 32 year old receiver is coming off of two consecutive seasons that were progressively underwhelming. He only started five games with the Dolphins in 2015 where he caught 19 passes for 208 yards and a single touchdown.

With age and production working against him, Jennings may be waiting some time before Spielman returns his call, if it even ever happens.

The Vikings are widely regarded as a team that entered the offseason in need of help at the wide receiver position. They added Terrell Sinkfield and jettisoned Mike Wallace, which currently gives the impression of a net loss at the position so far this offseason.

Despite that, the receiver depth chart is already a tad on the crowded side, and it is hard to imagine the organization is done investing in receiver talent with the NFL Draft still on the horizon. Most 2016 mock drafts, including Austin Belisle’s and my own, have the Vikings targeting wide outs in the first round.

The Vikings could certainly do worse than adding the veteran presence Jennings brings to the table, as he’s a guy that does so many little things right on the field (and off it), but I just don’t see the Vikings front office being overly interested unless the injury bug strikes hard in August.

Stefon Diggs, Charles Johnson, Jarius Wright, Cordarrelle Patterson, and Adam Thielen are a group consisting of more potential than proven impact, but that potential is by far preferable to a declining veteran that is currently unemployed.

“I know what Teddy [Bridgewater] missed,” Jennings said on Wednesday. “Sometimes you take for granted the veteran guys in the locker room. . . . When I look at the Vikings I see a young team. A team of guys with great leadership on the defensive side of the ball specifically. In a wide receiver room, where’s the veteran? Where’s the leadership? Where’s the accountability?”

Jennings is certainly justified in using his veteran experience and ability to mentor to sell himself, but those efforts may be futile when it comes to getting his wish and returning to Minnesota.

“It was a humbling year,” Jennings said of his 2015 season in Miami. “This is what I desire. I desire to be home with my family. The only way I’m home with my family is if the Vikings pick up the phone and call me.”

Your move, Rick.