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In 2014, ESPN released a film that detailed the journey of former Vikings wide receiver Randy Moss’ to the NFL. ‘Rand University’ is one of many films to be released as part of the successful ESPN ’30 for 30′ documentary series.

The film appeared to give a unique, inside look to the struggles that Moss endured before he achieved success in the NFL. Recently, Moss revealed his own thoughts on the film and the people that took part in creating it.

The ’30 for 30′ was full of lies, I felt ’30 for 30′ was 70 percent true and 30 percent lies. I told ESPN I didn’t want to do it. They bugged me about it. I told ESPN, ‘You come into my community, where my people live every day, it’s best for you to tell the truth.’ ESPN came in telling lies, OK? I told them not to release it because it was full of lies. Know the truth, get the truth, before letting it out. Well, ESPN flew in during the day, left during the night. People in my community live there. Their children play together, grandchildren. There was a lot of animosity in my community for that ’30 for 30,’ that ESPN caused it, and they didn’t want to do anything about it. All they cared about was ratings and selling something. – Moss via

Moss had always tried to keep his life off the football field as private as possible, so it was intriguing that he had even allowed this movie to be made. It seems as though Moss felt his trust was violated by the filmmakers and their portrayal of his hometown in Rand, West Virginia.

Needless to say, Moss will not likely be participating in future documentaries that chronicle his life and career due to the bad experience he had with the making of this film.