Adrian Peterson

We don’t want to beat the Adrian Peterson situation to death, and there have certainly been plenty of headlines surrounding the running back and Minnesota’s desire—or lack thereof–to trade him. At this point, it seems that GM Rick Spielman does not plan to deal Adrian Peterson. But is it all a smoke screen from Slick Rick?

This morning, Cris Carter may have “let the beans out of the bag” in regards to Peterson and where he will play the 2015 season. The former Vikings wide receiver said the following:

I’m under a gag order on the Adrian Peterson situation. But I believe something’s gonna happen. But I can’t talk about it.

If an AP trade does occur before the season, tonight is probably the only chance of that happening. And although lots of rumors have surfaced around the situation, Carter holds a bit more weight than your average Joe. KSTP’s Darren Wolfson posted the following via Twitter:

This just adds more excitement to NFL Draft night for Vikings fans! Don’t forget to follow all of the Vikings Territory coverage tonight.