Adrian Peterson 2014 Offseason’s Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s affiliate, Bucs Blitz, reports that the Buccaneers are pursuing Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, hoping to trade for him:

Various outlets have reported how the Buccaneers are on a list of teams Minnesota Vikings‘ running back Adrian Peterson wouldn’t mind playing for. On Wednesday evening, has learned that Tampa Bay is interested in trading for him.

According to a league source close to the situation, the Bucs have had internal discussions of trading for Peterson. Whether the pursuit for the veteran tailback has already occurred or will occur, no clear answer was given. Instead, I was told there are “aggressive” plans in place.

For what it’s worth, Charles Robinson at Yahoo! Sports is not as easily convinced, though his sources and BucsBlitz’s report may not actually disagree:

Robinson may be speaking to the fact that the Buccaneers haven’t contacted the Vikings yet, which Gil Arcia, author of the BucsBlitz article, hasn’t claimed has happened—merely that they have an interest in giving up serious assets.

The Buccaneers were on Peterson’s list of teams he would be willing to restructure for, along with the Dallas Cowboys, Arizona Cardinals, San Diego Chargers and Indianapolis Colts (now presumably out of the running after signing Frank Gore).

I posited that the restructuring may mean a contract with a cap hit a little more than Marshawn Lynch’s though proper market valuation would be closer to $10.5 million.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers hold the first, 34th and 65th picks in the NFL draft, as well as the 10th pick in the 4th round, the 26th and 32nd pick in the 5th round, the eighth pick in the 6th round and the first pick in the 7th round. An optimistic trade may land the Vikings the 34th pick, though more likely a package involving a number of the mid-round picks and future picks may end up being more palatable to the Buccaneers who hold the most capital in the draft.

What “aggressive” means is up for interpretation. The Buccaneers currently have first-round pick Doug Martin, as well as third-round pick Charles Sims on the roster at running back. They also have Bobby Rainey and Mike James. Don’t be surprised if Martin, who had a phenomenal rookie year, is involved in a trade package as well.

Other trade assets for the Bucs include wide receivers Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson, guard Logan Mankins and cornerback Alterraun Verner. Most likely, the Vikings are not interested in Jackson, Mankins or Verner despite all three filling positions of need.

This would give Adrian Peterson the opportunity to reunite with former head coach Leslie Frazier.