According to the Pioneer Press’ Chris Tomasson, Vikings rookie cornerback Trae Waynes is hoping to gain some insight from Arizona’s CB Patrick Peterson. Tomasson reports that the two plan to meet later this month.

Peterson, who will be entering his fifth NFL season, has been a standout defensive back since his debut year. In 2014 he tallied 43 tackles, three interceptions, a touchdown and even a sack. The CB possesses a high level of talent, and Waynes looks up to him as a role model in the position.

“[Peterson] follows me on Twitter, so that was a pretty big deal,” Waynes said.

Waynes plans to work out with Peterson in Boca Raton, Fla., between mandatory mini camp (June 16-18) and reporting to main training camp (July 25).

The rookie told Tomasson that he had originally wanted to attend LSU, Peterson’s alma mater, and that he’s been following Peterson since his college ball days. He played three seasons for LSU and totaled 98 tackles and seven interceptions. Peterson was a No. 5 overall selection in the 2011 NFL Draft, and he has been selected to the Pro Bowl all four seasons.

When asked what he specifically wants to learn from the older player, Waynes said the following:

“Some tricks of the vet. Because the vets, they know all the concepts and all this kind of stuff, like the little things that help slow the game down to make it easier. So hopefully that’s something he can show me.”

Waynes is working hard with the Vikings and receiving positive feedback from head coach Mike Zimmer. The 22-year-old (he will turn 23 on the first day of training camp) has made it clear that he aims to earn a starting position as a rookie, and meeting with Peterson is just one part of the process.