Nothing special or outstanding about this post. Just a place for Teddy Bridgewater highlight videos, including some interesting takes from around the internet before and after Bridgewater’s selection by the Minnesota Vikings in the 2014 NFL Draft.

It’s a cheap way to get you to come to this website, but let’s not pretend we don’t both love it.



Excuse the stereotypical music in this one:

And excuse the terrible music in this one

I like the cut of this one’s jib

I have no idea why the Teddy Bridgewater Gruden QB Camp is the shortest one they have. Usually range 20-45 minutes:

Also, let’s throw in some gratuitous defense against the insane Teddy slander in the leadup to the draft, this time by the former CEO of the Raiders, Amy Trask:

Back to highlights. I love this one, flow, production, selection and music (your taste in the music may depend on your opinion of 90s R&B):

This one is really focused on the “Teddy Football” part of his game:

Also, here’s a fun one describing the process of going through protections. Of note, Bortles, Carr, Manziel and Garoppolo were not responsible for their protections in college, and more than one quarterback has been cut because they have not picked them up quickly enough (the most recent and well-reported of which was Tyler Wilson from the Raiders).

I promised some Bridgewater news, and it isn’t surprising:

He played at 220 for his sophomore year and he’s 21. Should be fine to add bulk.