Bob McGinn, one of the most trusted names in sportswriting, has talked to a number of NFL officials that have indicated that they may move the draft back even further than they did this year.

As we all knew, the “scheduling conflict” farce was exactly that, but it’s kind of weird to see the NFL basically admit as much.

People have already been tuning out of the draft with the additional two weeks, and another set of weeks to wait might be too much. Even if the NFL found its media holdings increase their revenue as a result (namely the NFL Network and, I doubt this maximizes the long-term revenue prospects for the league. The draft is a spectacle that itself creates millions of dollars. The idea that there may be no turning point on that is ridiculous, and the NFL is doing itself wrong.

Naturally, general managers and coaches—who have already complained about the changed schedule—will be in even more of an uproar as their vacation time disappears and rookies get the playbook even later.

Assuming this all happens.