Both ProFootballTalk and Jay Glazer both reported that the expedited non-injury grievance hearing for Adrian Peterson will be scheduled on November 17th, the Monday after the Vikings’ game against the Chicago Bears. That the NFL waited the longest possible amount of time the CBA allows to grant the hearing is a little disingenuous, but it allows the NFL to collect all of the information they feel they don’t have but need in order to make a ruling on his suspension as soon as they need to lift the exemption on Peterson.

As PFT reported, the hearing will likely not take long and the arbitrator will not have to use all five of his allotted days to come to the conclusion that the NFL breached the written agreement it had made with Peterson to restore his roster status as soon as his legal issues ran their course. Even if the arbiter took all of his allotted time, Peterson would be theoretically active in time for the home game against the Packers in two weeks, though it would more likely mean that the NFL would be forced to roll out its punishment of Peterson then.