Excuse the headline.

Per TMZ Sports, which has had an unfortunately greater presence in the last year and a half of sports reporting, Jerome Simpson performed 135 hours of community service.

The only reason this is interesting is that he was only required to perform 120 hours by court order following his 2013 DWI arrest in November.

Simpson’s community service consisted mostly of speaking to children at the P.E.A.S.E. Academy, a high school geared towards kids struggling with addiction. The director of the program said Simpson went “above and beyond” for the kids, and it seems like he genuinely loved the work that he was doing for them.

Simpson was sentenced to community service for violating the terms of his parole (in Kentucky). He will remain on parole until 2016.

I think fans were a little surprised that he was kept on the roster after his DWI—me included—but I think it will help more than hurt that he’s on the roster in 2014.