Greg Jennings was of interest to the Miami Dolphins, but they took care of business with Mike Wallace today, and that leaves Jennings with limited suitors.

According to PFT, Jennings will be making a decision between returning to Green Bay or defecting to Minnesota, unless another party of interest makes themselves known.

There are rumors floating about that the Vikings have floated an offer to the Jennings camp, but I can’t say that as fact right now, but the PFT article indicates we may have an answer sooner rather than later.  Supposedly, Jennings plans to make a decision by midnight tonight, and if no offers top what the Packers have put forth then he will simply return to Green Bay.

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  1. A couple of weeks ago I would have said no way but with harvin and jenkins gone I think it could be a very good signing. He may be smaller but he can play inside and out very good and would be an amazing mentor to all of our young wide outs even if he gets injured. Also he is very football smart so I don’t think his age will be as big of a deal as a guy who relies solely on physical talent should the Vikings make a 3+ year offer.

  2. Yeah, I dunno…what is he, 30? That’s not too old to be a very good receiver. 7 million seems a bit high tho…what are the Peckers offering him?

  3. Hi Charlie….Id really like to have Jennings help this receiver staff grow……but we are talking 8-10+ M per season……is he really worth that?

  4. If he is really getting a offer from packers for 10 Mil , I didn’t think we will have to worry about it!

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