Ian Rapoport of NFL Network set the rumormill on fire this morning when he indicated that the Chicago bears like linebacker Manti Te’o so much that the Vikings will have to leapfrog them in the first round if they really covet him, and then Rapoport said that’s what the Vikings plan on doing.

Now, we haven’t seen a whole ton of “smoke” coming out of Winter Park leading up to the Draft thus far, but I have a feeling that some games are being played here and Rapoport is simply a pawn.

We’ve been saying all offseason that Manti Te’o makes sense for the Vikings, and the Vikings make even more sense for Manti Te’o, but I am not sure this is the type of year the Vikings should be sacrificing multiple picks to trade upwards in the first round.  This wouldn’t be the first time these two teams have engaged in some gamesmanship this offseason, as evidenced by the inflated contract Phil Loadholt signed during the opening days of free agency.

We’re only a few hours from speculation becoming reality (or fiction), but the Manti Te’o situation is certainly the one to keep a close eye on as the evening progresses.

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  1. I have no internet right now. They are working on the tower. This sucks. I hope they get it fixed by draft time. Using my phone now

  2. If the Vikings draft Te’o in first round, I give Vikings a automatic F, for the draft.

  3. I wouldn’t trade up to get him. If he’s there for us I’m fine with it but I would be disappointed if we had to give up additional picks to get him.

  4. Let da Bears have him. I hope Ricky leaves his ego at the door and not try to leapfrog the Bears.

  5. ESPN crew just said, Te’o would be a better 3-4 middle linebacker or a 4-3 zone weakside linebacker. They don’t think Te’o can be a good 4-3 middle linebacker. They said he is to small and to slow to be a 4-3 middle line backer.


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