In a normal year I tend to stick with the same pick for the Vikings for at least a month or so in my mock draft, but this year seems very different.  I don’t know if it is how late the Vikings are picking, or if this is just a difficult class to properly tier, but I have now mocked four different players to the Vikings over the last two months.

Sheldon Richardson, Cordarrelle Patterson, and Manti Te’o were all previous selections in my mock draft versions but today’s update brings up yet another name.

Keenan Allen.

It just so happens Allen was featured in my “Draft Target” series last night so click here to read all about him.

Click here to see how I mocked the first round in its entirety.


  1. I love the Keenan Allen pick, I hope it works out like you mock… but
    the Jets, Dolphins, Rams and Steelers could all be in the market for a tall WR like Allen or Patterson.

    The Rams really scare me because they have 2 mid 1st round picks and Amendola is a free agent… Brandon Gibson is nothing special and Brian Quick seemed to struggle making the move to the NFL.

    The Jets have nothing at WR (well Braylon Edwards is 30 and clearly not the future)… I can just see the Jets upsetting the apple cart by taking Patterson.


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