Psst.  Rick Spielman.  Psst.  You know, Rick, you can actually sign players that didn’t wear a Vikings jersey last year.  Psst.  You know that, right?

The Vikings are continuing to use the first day of free agency to dip into the free agency pool and sign players they could have signs yesterday, or last week, or last month, or last… well, you get the point.

Adam Schefter has reported via Twitter that the Vikings have now re-signed weakside linebacker Erin Henderson to a two year deal.

Financial details are not yet known.


    • I know you are Freds. I know you are.

      Just sign Fitzbeardrick and trade for Sproles, and my master plan will finally be complete! Muahahahahah!

  1. Thank you both for looking at the bright side.

    Did Bjohnny. Get cut from the site? Where is Freds guy Bjizzle?

  2. I’m pretty surprised it’s Henderson signing this early. I thought they would get a deal done with Brinkley first and bring Henderson back late again if he didn’t get an offer to his liking. I wonder if they essentially offered both guys the same deal and said first one to sign gets to be here.


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