Run, run, run.  That is how the Vikings first possession of Saturday night started.  Nothing unusual, except that the third run was Joe Webb, on an option read, bouncing around for large gain on third down.

This is what a Vikings offense looks like with Webb at quarterback.

In fact, the Vikings didn’t pass the football, leaning heavily on Adrian Peterson, until  the eighth play of the opening drive.  That eighth play was an ugly, wobbly, jump pass that went into the dirt three yards in front of Michael Jenkins.

That is what a Vikings offense looks like with Webb at quarterback.

That opening drive, however, put the Vikings up by three points and chewed up some good clock.

Then, aided by a dropped pass to the running back, the Vikings defense was quickly able to make their exit on the Packers first drive which was a three and out.

The second Vikings drive got off to a nice start with more running, and even a completed pass to Kyle Rudolph, but a third down panic play from Webb was incredibly scary.  Luckily, Rhett Ellison had the presence of mind to bat down Webb’s ill advised pass and the team got to punt the ball.

The Vikings defense had a great opportunity to stuff the Packers once again, but Kevin Williams lining up offsides gave the Packers new life.  After that, the Packers offense appeared efficient and well balanced as they marched down the field.

The quarter ended with the Packers on the one inch line following a DuJuan Harris run that may end up getting reviewed and called a touchdown.

At the end of the first quarter:  Vikings up 3-0.



  1. Play reviewed: Touchdown. Technically 7-3, Packers, is the box score for the first quarter.

  2. My two year old just asked if he can “run fast like Adrian.” Yup, we are THAT household.

  3. Third down pass completion was…. wait for it…. caught… short… of the… markers.

    That problem has been consistent all season long. The silver lining? That was Webb’s best pass so far.

    • You knoe Charles, when I first saw that we had Webb starting, I got pretty excited. Now I remember why he hasn’t started as a QB and we drafted him as a WR

  4. Sorry Fran… I should have explained better… after each quarter I’ll post a new forum. Hopefully meaning you don’t have to load 150 comments every time you refresh your screen.

    New quarter = new forum

  5. no offensive pass interference on Jordy? geez, the packers haven’t had a penalty called on them yet

  6. Another reason to continue hating Brad Childress. He drafted Webb as a WR then saw “Something” and being the smartest guy in the NFL, switched him to QB.


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