After a stressful and disappointing 48 hours of stadium news, the Vikings stadium bill seems to have possibly been revived by a Senate committee late on Friday.

Those following the bill closely are reporting the Local Government and Elections Committee passed the stadium bill on a vote of 8-6 Friday breathing new life into the bill that has reached a new level of urgency.

At this point, being the political novice that I am, I am not sure what exactly will happen next.  A reader pointed us towards a tweet, however, that suggests the bill will now travel to the Senate Jobs and Economic Growth Committee where it will hopefully see similar support.

I will be sure to keep an eye out for new updates for you all as they become available.

[UPDATE:  Our reader was 100% correct, the Jobs and Economic Growth Committee is where the bill heads to next.  Big thanks to CALVKG for the info!]

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  1. At least that’s positive. This whole fiasco is taking a lot of fun out of the draft for me. I still like Floyd more than Blackmon. The more tape I see of Janoris Jenkins the more I hope we get him in the 2nd. I think I’m being blinded by his talent though, and overlooking the personal stuff. I think he could be very good; especially working with Antoine. He’s the reason I think we can pass on Claiborne in 1, pick Kalil, than in 2 pick Jenkins. I was on the take a WR in 2 bandwagon, but I think Jenkins will trump the 2nd round WR talent; unless you think highly of Jeffery or maybe Randle.

  2. If they are comfortable with Jenkins, Kalil and Jenkins is the best 1-2 possible for the Vikings… That may be a big IF though


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