Well, I don’t have much to say about this, other than it isn’t looking good, folks.  It isn’t over yet, but it isn’t looking good.

A 15 member committee of the Minnesota House voted 9-6 against putting forth the proposed Vikings stadium bill without recommendation.  Members of the panel grilled supporters of the bill and members of the Vikings organization, wondering why they should use taxpayer dollars to fund a billionaires’ building.

In short, the window to get something done soon is closing, and the situation is now looking even more sketchy than it did yesterday.

As always, however… it isn’t over until it is over.


  1. wow our government…sucks like always…cant they ever get anything right? so how long b4 our taxes go up becuase of lose of revenue?

  2. I don’t think the Wilfs have much of a choice here. They’re gonna have to play the relocation card. It seems they have done all they can. It’s gonna get ugly, better enjoy this season, it could be the last for the Minnesota Vikings. Where the hell is Coach! And Tomb guaranteed this stadium would get done…

  3. I hope Zigy the Biggie has an alternative plan in place. No way they play in Minny next year. Anyone know how much the Metrodump will cost the state when Vikes leave?

  4. It’s really sad that this deal can’t get done. Wilfs have Honestly put forth a lot time and effort to get this done…
    Your right , relocation card. You have to wonder if that will even help…


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