Day three of our community mock draft has arrived which means two things:

  1. Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin are off the board.
  2. The Vikings are on the clock.

Need I say more? 

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  1. Kalil is the guy, fills a big need with as close to a sure thing as there is in this draft. Decision would be tougher if there was a truly special receiver available.

  2. As much as Andrew Luck was a no-brainer so is this. Matt Kalil is the best non-QB prospect in the entire class, and besides he fills a huge need. This pick should make our O-line much better and protect our 100 million $ investman AD + Christian Ponder

  3. – and Adam.. Luke Kuechley at 3?!? I know MLB is a need, but I’ve yet to see him go into the top 10 of any mock draft

    • Just didn’t see any reason to NOT have him as a choice is all. After all, if he can be the next best MLB in the league, #3 isn’t too high. And I personally think he won’t be far behind Patrick Willis after a year or two.


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