The rehabilitation of Adrian Peterson’s knee is sure to be a slowly developing news story, and I will try to get more creative with the headlines as I pass along updates over the course of the next month.

Peterson appeared on KFAN Friday morning and gave an update. 

“I’m definitely making improvement. I’m starting to get my muscle tone and strength back into the legs,” Peterson said. “I’m happy with the progress I’ve made so far. I’m extremely happy.”

Peterson is trying to adhere to the advice of those around him by not pushing too hard to meet a timeline, as more damage could be done by rushing things.  Peterson is splitting time between a physical therapist in Houston and Vikings trainers at Winter Park, all of whom are trying to keep him from making a race out of this.

“He’s making sure I’m doing the right things. It feels strong, but he doesn’t want me to push it too much,” said Peterson of his trainer in Houston.  He said the swelling is “almost completely gone.”

Peterson was doing the interview from New Orleans where he was attending the funeral for the wife of former Oklahoma Sooner Tommie Harris.

Yesterday, General Manager Rick Spielman gave an impressively lengthy interview in which he disappointed by giving almost no real information about any of the various topics.  He did, however, express optimism on Peterson’s ability to return in 2012.

“He’ll be extremely close to being ready,” Spielman said of Peterson’s ability to return for the start of next season.

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