Some of us have been a Vikings fan for a few years.  Some for a few more.  Some for a few decades, and some have been supporting the team since the very beginning.

No matter how long you have been a fan of the purple and gold, however, we all have one thing in common:  heartbreak.

Reminders of our most memorable moments are everywhere, and they all sting.

One reminder this offseason comes in the form of an list of the greatest play calls in NFL history.  The short list includes some fun one, but Paul Allen himself gets the top “honor” in this list for a certain meltdown during a certain Arizona Cardinals game following a certain Josh McCown pass.

It might sting to watch it again, but something tells me you have thick enough skin to handle it, Vikings fans.

Click here to view the whole list.


  1. Your old pal Fragile hasn’t been a big fan of Paul Allen over the years, though he has gotten better. Skols is correct both ot the calls referenced are better than the one that won. The Greg Lewis call really is good, “welcome to Minnesota” is wonderful.

    Damn that bastard Brent Favre…. now Fred’s night is ruined. If Freds had a dog right now, he’d kick the living crap out of it!


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