Well, another successful, relaxing, and fun Warwas family vacation is in the books!

We had nearly two weeks of sunshiny fun in Hawaii which consisted of visiting Pearl Harbor, me wearing shorts and swim trunks for the first time in nearly three weeks, letting baby Gates swim in the ocean for his first time and so many other great memories.

Another highlight was meeting longtime Vikings fan buddy “Ole” and I am happy to report that yet another one of our online friends is just as great of a guy in real life as we have all been led to believe on the internet.  Our meeting was kind of impromptu and brief, and I was feeling quite out of it as a result of getting over an illness that I seem to get every time I even look at a commercial airplane, but it was fun get to know Ole and chat about both the Vikings and the incredible state in which he resides.  It is a rare occurrence, but always fun to actually meet one of you guys!

Yesterday, Alaska greeted us with Mosse-filled, black ice covered highways on our six hour drive home letting us know that winter might not have completely settled in… but its right around the corner.

So, to get to the point, I am back in the Vikings Territory saddle and am hoping to finally end my long hiatus once-and-for-all by “going live” with this site and getting back to my routine of daily updates.  That will feel good.

Although, while I haven’t gone back and watched the two games I missed yet, all of this I hear about Brian Robison and Chris Cook has me feeling like the dad that comes back from vacation to find his house in shambles because the kids did nothing but host parties the whole time…

So, stay tuned for some opinions on recent happenings and updates on everything else moving forward.

Good to be back, folks.

Adam Warwas (Founder) is a case study in how the human male can allow a hobby to turn into a life-consuming obsession. After serving for about three years as the Editor at Vikings Gab, he decided to branch off on his own and start Vikings Territory, hoping someone might accidentally visit the site from time to time. Now, he is thrilled to present you with one of the most comprehensive and analytical Vikings sites that you are going to find. More than anything, he hopes you enjoy reading VT as much as he enjoys putting it together.


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