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Purple FTW! Podcast – 9.9 Hot Vikings Takes!

The Super Bowl football game around Katy Perry (and Left Shark) is over, signaling the end to yet another fantastic season…

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Fan Spotlight

Vikings Fan Spotlight: Brian Heintz

Brian Heintz is no stranger to unforeseen challenges and obstacles in life. However, he is just as familiar with a…

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WEEK FIFTEEN: Player of the Game

The Vikings jumped out to an early 14-0 lead and looked like they were well on their way to a…

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Play Greg Jennings In A Game Of Fantasy Football

I am obsessed with fantasy football. Seriously, it’s almost unhealthy. And the amount to which this game consumes my life…

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Off-The-Field Issues

Lindsey Young: On The Lives Of Viking Wives

If I had my way, each and every one of our writers would soon find themselves with high-paying writing jobs…

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