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Jan 9, 2019
Okay this whole offensive coordinator fiasco has gotten out of hand. I will be the first to say I thought I knew something about the Vikings choice for the OC job. I figured they would rehire Stefanski after Stefanski was unable to cash in with Cleveland for their head coaching job. Then as a backup I thought Mike Mularkey was an option, because of his “old school” style of play calling that caught the eye of Mike Zimmer. Dirk Koetter was also an option at one point. I liked him as a candidate because of the success he had with Tampa Bay’s offense. The Vikings need an offensive coordinator that can be like a secondary head coach, but strictly for the offense and without a challenge flag. Koetter and Mularkey both offer that as both have had stints as NFL head coaches. Well after the news that broke Tuesday about all three of these gentleman, I can honestly say I am bamboozled.