cordarelle patterson


Matthew Coller On Norv Turner, Cordarrelle Patterson, And Vikings Craziness

Welcome to our first installment of “Three Questions.” This is a fairly simple series we plan to run throughout January…

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General News

Patterson Bypassed Help From a Hall of Famer During the Summer

This past summer, one of the hot Vikings related topics was associated with trying to figure out what former player…

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Poll Of The Week

Poll of the Week: Will Rick Spielman, Vikings Make a Trade?

The Vikings are 5-2, sit comfortably atop of the NFC Wild Card race, and yet, may find themselves in the…

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Vikings Territory Fantasy Football Contest Week 4

**Update: Unfortunately, our league did not fill in time and therefore we will not be having a Week 4 Contest.…

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A shot at predicting the Vikings’ 53-man roster

Never is the business of the NFL more evident, and harsh, than these two days as hundreds of NFL players…

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