Things are Heating Up in the Vikings Offseason

Vikings Territory Breakdown Podcast:

With the month of June nearly gone and training camp just around . . .  a couple corners, things are starting to heat up for the Vikings as they head toward 2023 season. Well, at least the temperature outside is heating up. We continue to endure the dog days of the NFL offseason, so we thought why not take the opportunity to look backward rather than all this forward-thinking (hoping) about the coming season.

The Vikings have been in the NFL since 1961, so that is a lot of seasons (61) and a lot of players (we’ll let you do the calculations of how many) wearing Purple on Sundays. Therefore, we here at Vikings Territory Breakdown podcast decided to look back and talk about those players, and try to figure out some of the best of them.

Each week at VT Breakdown, Mark Craig, Vikings writer and NFL insider from the Star Tribune and joins Joe Oberle, senior writer for vikingsterritory and purplePTSD to talk about the Vikings, and the two of them have certainly witnessed a number of those 61 seasons. Their opinions on the best of the best will be worth hearing and, of course, disagreeing with—so you will want to tune into the VT Breakdown podcast and check it out.

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