What’s Next for Kyle Sloter?

Kyle Sloter’s Dad: “He’s Destined for Canton.”
Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Kyle Sloter. © Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY NETWORK.

Following their first preseason game, the Jacksonville Jaguars released former Minnesota Vikings backup quarterback Kyle Sloter. He’s never thrown a pass in an actual NFL game, but that doesn’t stop him or his dad from making headlines.

Ex-Vikings Passer Takes Home USFL Honor
Kyle Sloter

Earlier this summer, Kyle Sloter got with the St. Paul Pioneer press and said, “I think I’m showing that I can lead a team, most importantly. I’m showing that I can win games, and finish in big situations. I think I’ve made a bunch of NFL throws with guys breathing down my neck.”

This was following a stretch in the USFL. He made an appearance in the Jaguars preseason game alongside backup Jake Luton but was ultimately never going to challenge starter Trevor Lawrence for any semblance of playing time.

Sloter has become somewhat of a cult hero in Minnesota. At times he was clamored for over the starter as Vikings fans watched him dazzle during exhibition contests. While most of the competition was simply attempting to reach the final bell of those meaningless games, it became a story that Sloter’s stats deserved a longer look.

Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Kyle Sloter. © Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY NETWORK.

It’s hard to fault proud dad Daryl Sloter for being unafraid to publicly back his son. After all, the elder Sloter is simply looking to land Kyle a chance. While this isn’t exactly a LaVar Ball situation, Daryl has come under fire at times for tweets that seem to stretch reality just a little bit. At this point, it’s hard to confirm whether or not he believes Canton is off the table, but there’s no denying the assumption that the next landing spot is the one to do the trick.

Ultimately it would be great to see Kyle make a National Football League roster. It would be catastrophic for an organization if he did so under the premise of being a starter, but being able to fight for a backup job and get some snaps wouldn’t be terrible by any means. There’s been plenty of feel-good stories over the years, and any significant run for Sloter would fall under that category.

As things stand, though, Sloter has now been through seven different organizations. And the Vikings have parted ways with him twice. Best of luck to whoever is organization number eight.

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