Lewis Cine Stepping into Leadership Role 

It's Time To Unleash The Vikings Defensive Rookies 
Lewis Cine

At the request of new Vikings head coach Kevin O’Connell, Lewis Cine stepped into a leadership role at the start of the rookie minicamp.

As the Vikings first-round pick of the 2022 NFL draft, that shouldn’t be a big surprise. It is what you would want from your first-round pick. It was an easy transition for Cine, who is a natural leader.

He is a tone-setting player who leads by example, something he did in college for the Georgia Bulldogs as they claimed the National Championship. Leadership comes naturally to the Vikings rookie. The senior figures of Patrick Peterson and Harrison Smith will have significant roles as leaders and mentors in a young Vikings secondary. They are both at the back end of their careers, and when the time comes, it will be Lewis Cine who steps up as one of the key leaders on this team.

For now, his role will be to be a leader amongst this year’s rookies.

The Vikings young safety’s character is already visible by one thing he has done since arriving in Minnesota. He made it a goal to meet everybody he could inside TCO Performance Center — everyone from teammates, coaches, and anyone else who works in the building. “You got to know who you’re working with,” Cine said in a recent interview.

“You got to be respectful and courtesy to everybody, so I’m starting to get to know everyone’s name from people serving food, people I just see walking in the hallways. I’m introducing myself and getting their names because it might look small, but that goes a long way…that small thing that makes a big impact,” said Cine.

Off the field, Lewis Cine is a laid-back character, which has been visible in the short time he’s already spent in front of the cameras — an intelligent guy who has time for everyone and is sure to be a popular character in the entire Vikings organization.

Once he steps over the white line and onto the football field, there is a complete transformation. Then, he is all business as his business is getting physical and hitting opposing players hard.

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Lewis Cine

As well as excelling on the physical side of the game, Cine also has all the attributes for the mental side. He’s admitted himself he’s not got all of the checks memorized yet, and that shouldn’t be a surprise, really. It’s very early days, but that’s the standard he sets for himself. He reads the game very well and not just for his benefit to get into position to hand out those punishing tackles.

He is also a good communicator whose voice will be heard even as a rookie because that’s the kind of player he is.

In short, Lewis Cine is everything you want from a leader on your football team. He will be a leader of the rookie camp to begin with, but over time, his role will grow. Eventually, he will be one of the most influential players on the Vikings roster.