All the Vikings News: September 6

Adrian Peterson Fight Won't Happen in July
Adrian Peterson

The following is news applicable to the Minnesota Vikings on September 6, 2022 — via tweet. This is updated throughout the day.

The Vikings released their depth chart.

Former NFL safety Jason McCourty likes the Vikings.

And his colleague Kyle Brandt does, too.

The season opener is coming closer.

Tommy Kramer – certified Packers killer. The six TD passes in a single game are still a franchise record.

Vikings fans might know the answer.

The Vikings announced a small roster move. Preseason star T.Y. McGill will be an unrestricted free agent. The practice squad is now full.

Vikings cornerback Akayleb Evans is living his dream.

Despite his young age, he’s also a very wise man.

Week 1 seems to be a big deal for the Vikings.

Kirk Cousins is now officially an accurate thrower of the ball.

Incredibly, teams saw this and still let him fall to the Vikings.

Ali tweeted a bunch of Vikings vs. Packers throwback pictures.

A great breakdown of Ed Ingram’s game tape.

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