Vikings Territory Breakdown Wild Divisional Weekend and Vikings GM and coach searches

Vikings Territory Breakdown
Co-host Joe Oberle and the Star Tribune's Mark Craig.

Wild Weekend of NFL Games Arrives a Week Later

Two weekends ago the NFL held its Wild Card Weekend, which we called a misnomer due to several blowouts and games that were anything but wild. Well, the playoffs made up for it this past weekend when the Divisional Round of the playoffs were as “wild” as anything we have ever seen in the modern era. There were four Divisional playoff games and each came down to the final play to before they were decided, and one of them, the epic in Kansas City between the Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills will go down as one of the best ever.

The two teams displayed excellent quarterback play and exhausted defensive performances, which resulted in 25 points being scored inside the final two minutes of the game (an NFL playoff record). The Chiefs tacked on a walk-off touchdown pass from Patrick Mahomes to Travis Kelce for the win and jump started the discussion once again about the playoff overtime rule which dictates that if the first team to have the ball in OT scores a TD the game is over.

This rule was tinkered with after the Vikings got beat in the 2009 NFC title game by the New Orleans Saints, when the Vikings lost by a field goal in OT and Brett Favre never got his hands on the ball. Now some folks want to guarantee that both sides get the ball in overtime no matter what happens. Well, after what we saw in the fourth quarter, we know that Josh Allen would have taken his team down the field for the tying score, so who knows how it would have ended. That rules discussion will continue.

As for the Vikings, the coach and GM search continues, as the front office has been firing off plenty of interviews and there are more to come. Some frontrunners may be emerging and we are here at Vikings Territory Breakdown to give you the latest on the search.

In the meantime, Vikings fans can sit back and enjoy the fact that the Packers were beat at home by the San Francisco 49ers and the post-season pot boil in Lambeau is already roiling. Will he or won’t he is the question for the Packers and their enigma signal caller, and you can be sure that VT and purplePTSD senior writing Joe Oberle, joined by the Star Tribune’s Mark Craig, will be right there with plenty of fuel to add to the fire.

There is plenty to talk about even though only three games remain in the 2021 NFL season and 2022 postseason. And if the past weekend is any indication, you won’t want to miss them. This has been the season where just about any team could win it, and with Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers out of the picture, that seems all the more possible. Tune in to see who we think is going to the big game.

Here are a few topics we will cover this week:

Vikings GM and coach searches

  • Who did they interview?
    • Who is left?
    • Any frontrunners?
    • Anybody drop off the list?

Jared Allen’s pursuit of the HOF?

Bengals-TitansJoe Burrow—how did he survive nine sacks?

Packers-Niners: Does Jimmy G’s stock go up or down? Where to next for A-Rodge? He doesn’t want a rebuild but the Pack is 44 million over the cap. So what gives?

Rams-Bucs: Defense wins championships and Ram’s D looks ready. Stafford is going to Lion, but he righted the ship after four turnovers and made a great play to win and advance?

Chiefs-BillsWhoever said defense wins championships, certainly not the Chiefs or the Bills. What a game in KC! What a final two minutes. The NFL is undefeated. What are they going to do to top that?

Title game predictions

Who is in the lead for the Mankato Brewery Mad Butcher beer?