Vikings Territory Breakdown: The Schedule is Coming Out and Predictions are Coming In

It’s crystal ball time in the NFL. The 2022 league schedule will be out on Thursday (some games have already leaked) and we can start making those rock-solid predictions of how we think our favorite team will do this season. For us, that favorite team is the Minnesota Vikings, which is under the direction of first-time general manager Kwesi Adolfo-Mensah and rookie head coach Kevin O’Connell. Let that factor into your cyphering.

We know so far regarding the Purple that they will be playing in London on the fourth week of the season against the New Orleans Saints and on Monday Night Football the second week of the season against the Eagles in Philadelphia. Both of these games are road games. That means that the London game, which technically is a road game for everyone playing there does not take away a home game for the Vikings (like it did the first time they were in London). And with an extra home game (nine) already on the schedule this season due to the 17-game schedule and the Vikings playing an extra road game last season, the Vikings will keep those nine games at U.S. Bank Stadium for the first time in their history (not counting playoff games).

So, perhaps the Vikings can be home for more than nine games this season. That’s where the rock-solid prognostication comes in. We can look down the schedule and forecast just how many of those home (and road) games the Vikings are going to win this season and if any extra post-season games will take place at The Vault. Let the speculation begin: and we will start it off with ours this week on the Vikings Territory Breakdown podcast. Mark Craig from the Star Tribune joins me to stop staring at our navels and start gazing at that old Purple crystal ball. Will they have nine wins, 10 or 11 and a home playoff game? The NFC North is not as assured as in years past, so anything can happen. Tune in to the VT Breakdown podcast to see what we think will take place.

Segment 1

  • Go Wild
  • Special Teams
  • Vikings issues with Kickers

Segment 2

  • Kwesi Footprint from 2022 NFL Draft
  • Kellen Mond basically 2nd round pick 2022

Segment 3

  • Joe Oberle and Mark Craig pick out the wins and losses in the schedule along with a no chance to win, games